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How To Make A Travel Video

Need to discover ways to make a travel video, step-by-step?

How many steps does it take anyway?

After making about 100 of this stuff, I’ve determined there are 12 basic steps involved.

Understanding every of these steps is your first step to turning into a better travel vlogger!

On this video, I outline every of the steps, their significance, and how they impression your travel vlogging workflow. This video touches on every part from getting ready your gear to paint grading your video and branding your journey vlog. By the top of this submit, you’ll know precisely find out how to make a travel video, so you will get out there and get began on your masterpiece!

I’d love to hear which of those steps is your favorite, and which one you’d wish to study more about.

Depart me a comment here on the weblog, or on the video and let me know!

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1. Travel Video Pre-Manufacturing

This primary step is probably going what you’d do earlier than happening any journey journey.

You may need to research fun things to do there. You may need to schedule a tour or buy tickets for an event or excursion prematurely. You may read up on the town so you’ve some useful details to share in your vlog, OR you may completely do none of this and simply have a day where you wing it.

Either one works, however I warn you, winging it’ll end in a bit of extra work to do in publish manufacturing..  so I recommend you propose somewhat.

2. Getting ready Your Video Gear

So you’ve obtained a plan and you’re ready to go vlog! No you’re not.

It’s time to get your gear prepared and most significantly, CHARGE EVERYTHING. You’ll additionally need to filter out and check your SD playing cards so that you don’t have any points in the subject, in addition to pack additional SD playing cards together with batteries, battery packs, all the right cables, gimbals, hand grips, A Roll cameras, B Roll cameras, worldwide voltage adapters, and more.

Truly, the hardest part about getting ready your gear, is making the cuts on what NOT to deliver. You’ll discover LOTS of speak on this channel about travel vlogging gear so I encourage you to take a look at a few of those movies.

3. Filming

So here you’re, filming your day! Whether or not it’s vlog fashion simply documenting what’s occurring because it happens, or it’s a full on pre-produced discovery of a place, this is the place you set those cameras to work and gather your footage.

You’re going to need to combine your on-camera discussions with photographs of what you’re talking about or doing.

In fact, you can too combine in all types of artistic photographs with totally different cameras and lenses, OR go for that cinematic look.

By the best way, I created a free PDF document that expands on this a bit, it’s referred to as MY TOP TRAVEL VLOGGING TIPS and also you to obtain it HERE.

The following pointers are totally different from the steps you’ll discover on this video, and I encourage grabbing it if you want to actually UP your travel vlogging recreation.

4. Video File Management

So.. You’re residence now, and you’ve received your gear scattered about, nonetheless cooling down from the day. It’s time to come out all those SD cards, and transfer the information onto an external arduous drive where they’ll all stay together in one place.

This process might be annoying and perhaps complicated at first, but belief me, getting a system collectively and making a ritual out of doing it will pay off.

You’ll not should search for footage, or question if things are backed up, as a result of you possibly can all the time rely on your system to know exactly the place issues are.

5. Rough Minimize Video

That is my absolute FAVORITE a part of the method in addition to the precise manufacturing half. It’s whenever you create a new timeline, import your footage, and start watching those clips for the primary time.

Through the tough minimize you’d select the doubtless usable elements, and then roughly assemble them into the timeline.

It’s so enjoyable as a result of it’s the first time you get to see your work! And in addition re-live the experience.

Also, just to get the whole lot tremendous clear before any I work extra with the clips, I’ll kill the audio on the B Roll and add little fade outs on clips that I do know need the ambient noise pale after I’m completed talking. Watch the video for a quick demo of this course of

6. Story Line Management

The next step is making a storyline and adding supporting parts.

This step might be quite straightforward, particularly in case your vlog merely follows a linear timeline of the day, and you have been REALLY targeted on that story line in the subject and capable of inform it properly.

However, in the event you’re creating one thing more abstract, or just working with a bunch of footage to attempt to put it together and pull a story line from it, then you could have some additional work to do.

Or in case you’re like me, particularly at first, and just type of omit loads of particulars that you simply understand would have been useful.

For this reason you’d add supporting parts like voice overs, additional titles, and this is also the place you’ll add some B Roll, as an example the things you’re speaking about.

I will say that I relied HEAVLY on these supporting parts once I first started journey vlogging,

I used to be not within the habit of elaborating on details whereas I was touring and filming, so voice overs actually TELLING the story later have been very useful.

Just know, that what you DON’T take time to do in the subject, you’ll spend a LOT of time doing in submit.

By the best way I do know I’m simply briefly bearing on every of those steps, but I’d like to share extra info with you about them. So depart me a comment that says MORE ON #5 PLEASE! Or whichever you’d wish to study more about 🙂

7. Add Music and Sound effects

Ahhh, the music. It’s REALLY what brings it all together.

You’ll be able to choose a bit of music prematurely. You’ll need to discover a royalty free piece, in YouTube’s Audio Library OR, to avoid utilizing the identical music as many other YouTubers, you possibly can be a part of a royalty free website and hunt for one thing more fascinating.

Personally, I really like ART LIST and have been utilizing their music for many years.

In my journey vlog modifying experience, it’s when the music is added that your complete piece actually comes alive.

Sound Effects are one other good way to add somewhat additional feeling to a vlog.

8. Sequence Modifying

Okay, HERE is the fun half. Or one of the many enjoyable elements. It’s modifying those super artistic cinematic sequences, or usually another chunks of the video outdoors of the elements the place you’re simply relaying a storyline to the digital camera.

This is really your time to SHINE as a visible creator.

These elements are often closely synced up with the music, so this step and the step before it can be interchanged quickly or executed together for probably the most part should you like.

9. Audio Stability

This is one thing a LOT of YouTubers don’t do, or fail to do properly. I’ve been guilty of it myself in the distant past.

Usually it’s when your background music is just too high, and your speaking elements are too low, or one clip is WAY louder than the others. Should you’re filming on totally different cameras with totally different mics, they could come out totally different, so that you must stability all of that.

You need to rigorously go through the whole video with JUST audio in thoughts.. and ensure you’re not smashing the reds in the audio levels.

Actually, after you’re positive that the audio waves look good, simply LISTEN to the video without even watching. Or attempt listening with headphones and see if your ear picks up on anything. It’s a lot better to do this now, then understand as soon as it’s uploaded that you simply’re screaming in one clip and whispering in another.

10. Colour Grading

That is what we’ve all been ready for!

First you’ll need to usually just FIX things in the clip that aren’t so great. You may increase the publicity, or add some distinction or saturation to make things prettier.

Then to make it fascinating and ‘cinematic’, you’ll be able to proceed to tweak the colors on your own in the event you’re conversant in this process.

Or, if need some AMAZING colour without the effort of in depth shade grading, you possibly can apply a rigorously crafted LUT. This is principally a professionally created preset or filter for video.

These can make your videos look AWESOME, and I have just lately launched my very personal LUTS pack for public consumption!

Take a look at my SHOP web page for all the knowledge on methods to make a purchase.

Or, here’s a detailed video explaining colour grading and introducing my LUTS.

I might LOVE to see you using my LUTS, so let me know for those who determine to make them a part of your workflow and I’ll undoubtedly take a look at the videos you create!

11. High-quality Tuning

Advantageous tuning is an entire mess of actions.

It includes:

  • Tweaking your B Roll sequences to ensure they’re positioned completely.
  • Modifying your leap cuts which are SO helpful to hurry up dialogue, IF you select that fast snappy type.
  • Applying transitions and results like picture stabilization to clips which might be shaky, IF they are a candidate for it, you must be careful with this.

I made ‘fine tuning’ into only one step but you possibly can undoubtedly spend HOURS on it.

In truth, Step 11 is the place perfectionists go to DIE. I definitely have died here many late nights earlier than.

It’s definitely not essential to make every tiny element in a video good, nevertheless taking note of the little issues can have an enormous impact on presenting knowledgeable piece in the long run.

12. Add Branding

This one is straightforward offered you do have your channel branding created and ready to go.

I maintain white .png file of my emblem fitted to a sure place in the display that runs across the whole video. I even have an ordinary Instagram title.

It’s says AMaeTV, however what it actually says is HEY GUYS please come comply with me on Insta because I submit nice pix and stuff.

You actually can add branding in at any time however saving it until the top will ensure it doesn’t get in the best way of every part else happening in your modifying timeline.

So that’s it pals!

I’d love to listen to which of these steps you most love to do, and which you’d wish to study more about. Depart me a comment under so I know what that will help you with subsequent.

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Want to learn how to make a travel video, step by step? After making about 100 travel videos, I’ve determined there are 12 general steps involved. Understanding the basics of these steps is your first step in becoming a better travel vlogger! In this video, I outline each of the steps, their importance, and how they impact your travel vlogging workflow. This touches on everything from preparing your gear to color grading your video and branding.

How To Make A Travel Video – 12 Steps BROKEN DOWN

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